Gay Of Thrones Part 4 – The Best Gay Parody serie ever

This award-winning series has been filmed by, who is also an award winning network. This episode stars, Colby Keller and Toby Dutch, and it has been released by ‘Super Gay Hero.’

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What is this gay video about?

Colby Keller, dressed in all leather, fights for his Lord and master. He has re-taken the city of slaves, and now he shows his master (Toby Dutch) what’s left of the burnt out city. He takes him into an old ruin as they speak, and Colby tells him what he wants. He tells Toby that there are two things he excels at, and these are: war and men.
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He looks at Toby straight in his eyes, and tells him that he has given him the first one, and now he has come to claim the second. He puts a hand under Toby’s top and strokes his hard stomach, and they kiss as they embrace.

They kiss for a while as their hands wander over their chests and sensitive nipples. Colby gets down on his knees as he takes Toby’s half hard dick into his mouth, and starts sucking on it. Toby sighs with sheer pleasure, and his cock is rock hard within seconds. Colby plays with his balls as he sucks, and then they swap positions as Toby sucks on his dick.

Toby stands up and bends over as Colby pulls his pants down to his knees. With his firm ass on view, Toby feels his cheeks being spread open by a strong pair of hands, and then he feels a wet tongue probing into his asshole. He moans out quietly again, and Colby stands up and slides his condom covered cock deep in to his ass. He fucks him slowly at first, and then his rhythm gets harder and more urgent.
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Toby Dutch rides Colby Keller’s cock for a while and then Colby fucks him standing up again until he feels his cock throbbing. Colby then cums all over Toby’s handsome face, and he gets Toby to shoot his thick creamy load over his leathers.

The Hot Gay Pornstars

Colby Keller is the thinking man of gay porn. He has a few degrees behind him, and when he is not doing porn, or modelling, and then he will have his nose stuck in a book. He has a lean hard hairy body, and a full beard which is sometimes trimmed. He is six foot two inches tall, has brown hair, hazel eyes, and he is versatile with an eight inch cut cock.
Colby has starred in 46 hardcore movies for, and he fucks the hell out of Jay Roberts tight ass in ‘Maybe A Match.’
Toby Dutch has a sexy swimmers build, and he has a couple if tattoos on his body and arm. He is five feet ten inches tall, has dark blonde hair, sexy blue eyes, and he is versatile with a seven inch cut cock, and a lovely set of balls.
This is Toby’s third movie with, and the other two are: ‘Gay Of Thrones Part 1‘ with Abraham All Malek, and ‘Desire’ where he drills Paul Walkers butt hole deep and hard.
This is an hot gay porn series which is better than the original. The scenery in and outdoors is fantastic, as is the hardcore fucking. The quality of the movie is one of the best I have seen, and so are the porn stars. Be prepared to by a lot more Kleenex, because you are going to need it.…