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Download Movies, Music Videos in FLV, MP4, WMV formats for FREEDownload MP4 movies, FLV videos for free

Free download MP4 video clips, FLV movies, WMV music videos and MP3 song files by searching and straight downloading with a click.

If you're looking for one of your favorite star's music videos, movies or MP3 songs, Mediaraptor will find it and let you download all the free music files and video clips you want! What's more, you can burn CDs and transfer / sync the downloaded media to portable media players, cell phones, PDAs using the conversion software included in the powerful tool.

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Receive information electronically about registration code and downloading immediately after ordering! 30-day Money Back Guarantee and Free technial supports within 24 hours.
The trial version can only download 5 video clips/music titles from YouTube, Google Video etc.

Download FLV, MP4 movies and videos Key Features

  • Just enter the artist's name and instantly download movies, videos and MP3s
    Quickly find tens of thousands of music titles, movies and video files on the Internet. From oldies to the latest top hits, there’s something for every taste. Simply select an artist and music title and click. Videoraptor instantly downloads the desired track along with its corresponding music video. An alphabetically sorted directory is also available.
  • The personal search engine that lets you tap into an unlimited supply of free entertainment
    The music/video searcher and downloader is your personal, PC-based meta-search engine. Simply enter your desired artist, music title, or subject. Videoraptor searches through millions of files on the Internet and delivers heaps of free music videos and MP3 tracks directly to your PC — all matching your search criteria. An alphabetically sorted directory is also available.
  • Automatically downloads the videos you've viewed on the Web
    Working silently in the background, Videoraptor automatically keeps track of the videos you play while surfing the Web. Afterwards, just select the videos you'd like to have downloaded and Videoraptor takes care of the rest.
  • All the accessories you need: video conversion, synchronization, music CD burning and more!
    It is more than just searching and downloading — it makes enjoying music and video clips easy. Its converter automatically converts downloaded files into the most important audio (MP3, OGG, AAC, M4A…) and video (MP4, WMV, 3GP, AVI...) formats. Its synchronization functions let you intuitively transfer videos and music to almost any mobile device. Burn downloaded music tracks onto audio or MP3 CDs for your car stereo system. Or transform your favorite music tracks into personalized ring tones you can use on your mobile phone.
  • How can I play music and videos on my PC?
    Video clips downloaded with the powerful software can be played immediately on any PC. Videoraptor comes with an extension for the Windows Media Player and Winamp that allows you to play videos in the FLV and MP4 formats. The integrated converter allows downloaded files to be converted into numerous audio and video formats to support playback on almost any device.

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An all-in-one media searching, downloading, converting application help you download MP4 movies, FLV videos, music titles, MP3 songs, music videos, etc.

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