Stealth Fuckers Part 4 from Str8 To Gay

This episode of ‘Stealth Fuckers Part 4’ has been released by ‘Str8 To Gay’ and filmed by GayPornstarsTube. This episode stars the cute all exclusive star to Jack Radley, and the hunky Roman Todd.
Str8 To Gay is a great fantasy site that is just one site that is part of the network. It focuses on straight men getting seduced by gay men, and sometimes it’s the other way round. Most gay guys have dreamed about getting a straight guy into bed, and ‘Str8 To Gay’ can show you how to do it. Don’t just watch it, get out there and try it. There is no such thing as a 1000% straight guy as these movies prove over and over again

The gay pornstars

Jack Radley is an all exclusive star to and he is so cute and still has his cheeky but nice schoolboy look. He has a lean smooth body and has a beautiful eight inch cut cock. He is versatile with a lovely tasting ass, and he has brown hair and cheeky hazel eyes.
Jack has starred in 18 hardcore movies for and was more than great in the ‘Rumspringa’ series where he gets fucked by Garett Cooper and Rafael Alencar’s famous 11 and a half inch dick.
Roman Todd is a good looking hunk with a great body. He has a lovely tattoo on his stomach and he has a seven inch dick which he isn’t afraid to use morning, noon and night. Roman says he is a top, but every now and then he does love to touch his toes.
Roman has starred in 27 hardcore movies with and his last movie was ‘My Boyfriend’s Ex part 3’ where he gets his ass drilled by Charlie Pattinson.

The movie where straight men goes gay

Roman Todd is sitting up in bed in just a pair of white briefs. He is talking on the phone to his girlfriend, and he keeps asking her to come around so she can suck his dick. She doesn’t seem to want to know, but Roman is still feeling horny.
In the meantime, Jack Radley is listening outside the door to everything Roman is saying. Jack’s boyfriend sees what he is doing, but needs to get washed and changed, so he goes into the other bedroom.
Jack, being Jack, opens the door to Roman’s bedroom and sees him sitting there with a hard-on in his briefs. Jack tells him he heard him on the phone, and asks if he can suck his cock. Roman tells him he is straight, and he also reminds Jack that his boyfriend is in the next room.
This doesn’t stop Jack, and pretty soon he has pulled down Roman’s briefs and is happily sucking on his thick dick. Roman may be straight, but he returns the favour by sucking on Jack’s eight inch dick.
Jack stands up as Roman slides his cock deep into his ass and begins to fuck him. As he fucks his ass, there is a knock at the door. Roman opens it slightly as he carries on fucking Jack’s tight ass, and he talks to Jack’s boyfriend at the same time. His boyfriend asks if Roman knows where Jack is, but Roman lies, and soon gets rid of the boyfriend.
Knowing the boyfriend has gone out, Roman keeps slapping Jack’s ass as he continues to drill his hole. He fucks him in the missionary position, and then Jack Radley climbs on top of his cock and rides him like there is no tomorrow.
With a load cry, Jack cums as he still gets screwed, and then Roman Todd cums over his cute, young face.
Stealth Fuckers is all about getting ‘almost’ caught having sex with someone you are not supposed to be with. It may be a girl’s boyfriend, or a roommate, either way, these guys fuck like crazy, even though they know full well the dangers of getting caught. Sometimes, as in this episode, they are still fucking a tight butt as they speak to someone through a little crack in the door. I must admit here, this series brings back so many memories; it makes me want to go out and do it all over again. watch hot gay pornstars here…

Hot Gay Pornstar – Griffin Barrows

Griffin BarrowsGriffin Barrows is just one of the latest stars in porn who has so far been in 12 hardcore porn movies for Men. He is a hunky guy who spends time down in the gym working out. He has a handsome unshaved look, and he has a few hairs on his chest. He is five feet eleven inches tall, weighs 180 pounds, and he has brown hair and very sexy bright blue eyes. Griffin has a six and a half inch cut cock, and he is versatile.
Although he is versatile, he is, I would say is an 80% greedy bottom. In fact, he likes nothing more than sitting on a hard cock as he plays with the hair and chest as he looks into his face as he gets fucked. This is his favourite position, but he also likes to get on his hands and knees as someone fingers, licks and then fucks his ass.

Griffin is from South Carolina, and he is a 28-year-old hunk. Strangely enough, he admits to being a virgin until he was 23 years old. I for one am so glad to see that he has made up for lost time. He first started off working part time in in gay porn with Chaos Men in 2014 and has since worked with other companies such as ManRoyale and American Muscle Hunks, and of course, which is an award-winning network.
Actually, looking at all the 12 movies he has been in with, they are all parts of hardcore series’ such as: Taking Down The Conservatives, parts 1, 2 and 3. What Happens In Vegas parts 2 and 4, Ex Machina: A Gay XXX Parody parts 1, 3, 4 and 5, and also starred in the Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody series, which was even mentioned in a mainstream national newspaper.
Griffin now lives for cock, and in one site he works for, he gets fucked bareback time and time again. He loves the feel of someone’s cock deep and raw in his ass as it gets thicker just before that time of explosion. He has learnt to clamp his asshole as tight as possible just at the vital moment, and then he feels his ass gushing in thick creamy cum. Although he has worked in bareback sex, he has also been in sites where they use safe sex, and he gets checked before any movies he is in, just like most of the porn stars do.
his gay movies
He is a gentle man and if you ever see him out and about, go and ask him if he would like a coffee. And yes, I did say coffee. Griffin says in an interview that you will know if he likes you if you go and have a cup of coffee with him. I’m up for that, what about you?
Now that Griffin Barrows works full time in the gay porn industry expect to see lots more of him and his delicious tasty asshole. You can follow him on twitter here.