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MP3 to MIDI Converter - Convert audio files to midi, including wave to midi, mp3 to midi, cda to midi.            Recommend!
TS-AudioToMIDI converts digitized music into MIDI sequences in some few minutes.
In off-line mode TS-AudioToMIDI creates MIDI sequences from input files (like mp3s, wave, audio CD).
In real-time mode TS-AudioToMIDI instantly converts music coming through microphone or line input of your computer into a MIDI sequence. Think of this mode as a powerful music processor, which allows some non-MIDI instrument (like a guitar) to sound as a violin or a piano or whatever instrument you've got in your MIDI synthesizer.

Get Full Version  (US$34.99)

Support Formats:
From To
MP3 MP3 to MIDI, MP3 to MID
CDa, CD CDa to MIDI, CDa to MID
... ...


  • Both Monophonic and polyphonic recognition modes, four recognition algorithms.
  • Both real-time and pre-recorded modes of sound recognition are possible.
  • Manual and auto tuning to correct possible audio signal frequency deviation from the standard note frequencies.
  • Many possible input file formats, including mp3 and CD-Tracks.
  • Real-time Spectrum window controlled by Graphical Equalizer.
  • Sensor selectivity and sharpness controls with graphic representation are provided.
  • Graphic Harmonic Model control, setting up first four harmonics of recognized instrument.
  • Note duration filter allowing to ignore accidental short notes when recording to the built-in sequencer.
  • Output note filter, allowing to ignore notes of pre-set loftiness with ability to select note interval and/or presumed key.
  • Resulting MIDI signal transposition possible.
  • Ability to save settings both combined into one file and separately for each control.


Q: Which formats TS-AudioToMIDI support?
A: TS-AudioToMIDI supports all most common sound formats, including:
* PCM Wave, both plain and compressed by any ACM codec if one is installed.
* MPEG compressed sound with mpp, mp1, mp2 and mp3 extensions.
* CD-Audio tracks directly from CD-Audio disk, without necessity to rip it first.
* Wave In input in real-time.
* As output TS-AudioToMIDI provides standard MIDI file or RIFF MIDI file (.rmi).

Q: TS-AudioToMIDI performs recognition of music audio files and allows saving the results as MIDI files.
A: Each melody can be represented in two distinctly different forms.
The first is notes representation, when we describe melody as a set of commands such as "play note A with violin, volume equals to 100, duration is 400 ms". Both MIDI sequencer and symphony orchestra can be controlled by such a set of commands. Two most common ways to store a melody described in this way are MIDI file and musical notation.
The other way is to store waveform. Waveform is the dependence of acoustical pressure on time. Not only music can be stored as waveform, hence not any waveform can be converted to notes. For example human speech can't. Analog tape and wave format file store sound in this way. During last decade numerous waveform-conversion algorithms were developed, both with and without data loss. Most common formats of compressed waveform are mp3, MPEG, RealAudio(.ra file extension), and others.
Music recognition is what musician does when playing music by ear and then recording it to staves. Recognition requires previous knowledge of music structure, common instruments etc. and ability to detect musical sounds with sufficient precision. In most cases music heard cannot be recognized unambiguously because the same waveform can be interpreted as several different note sets. This is very usual for polyphonic music when even professional musician can hardly say what notes were played by each particular instrument.
TS-AudioToMIDI performs automated music recognition. This program analyzes input waveform and tries to detect what notes were played. Some basic knowledge about music structure, such as Harmonic Model are build-in into recognition algorithm, an array of sensors with controlled selectivity and sensitivity allows precise detection of spectral peaks. However science still hasn't developed an errorless algorithm for recognition, so mistakes are possible. Adjusting settings individually for each recording allows reducing error rate. In general any recognition process looks as conversion from WAVE info MIDI format.
Please note that TS-AudioToMIDI does not convert MIDI to WAV. This task is the opposite and is performed by programs called software MIDI renders

System Requirements:

Processor: Pentium 75, Pentium 266 or faster for real-time recognition.
OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or Windows NT.
RAM: 32MB.
Hard disk: Less than 1 Mb for the program + extra free space for files recognition and result MIDI files.
Devices: Sound card required for realtime recognition, microphone recommended.
Software: IE 3.02 or later required for reading this Help file.

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